2011 Training Log – Week 45

Got in some solid running this week.  I spent 5.5 hours of my training time this week in the 160+ range for heart rate.  That means two things.  My fitness declined a whole lot in the last 6 weeks or so as I took some down time, but no true time ‘off’.  So now my heart rate is pretty high for a given workload.  The other thing it means is that I worked hard this week and spent some time in the uncomfortable zone.  Week one of ramping the training back up is in the bag.

Run – 10.3 miles

Heart rate and pace were well into the tempo zone, but breathing was nice and relaxed.

Run – 7 miles

Slow recovery day.

Run – 10.3 miles

Good hilly tempo run. Worked hard and felt good doing it.

Run – 7 miles

Felt dead after yesterday’s effort. Kept wanting to stop and walk, but just jogged easy.

Run – 4.2 miles

Easy jog at the Boneyard. They mowed all the weeds so it’s feasable to run there again. Threw in a few pushups, pullups, and dips.

Run – 20.8 miles

Woody’s Pancake Trail Run.

What can I say about this one?  It was a great day on great trails with great people.  Woody put out the call, and a super group of runners showed up.  I was scheduled to work Saturday morning, but made arrangements to get it done before the run.  I was on the laptop before 5am patching a server and thankfully it all went smoothly so I was able to wrap up and make the drive over.

I am fat and out of shape now, after going on a serious junk binge for the last 6 weeks.  This run hurt me, but I was glad to hang on for the most part.  Finally cracking with about a mile and a half to go.  Kind of frustrating when everyone else seemed to pretty much be at a conversational level of effort.  Totally OK in my book, though.  I’d have to go back about 4 years to a time when I could even come close to pulling off a run like that in November.  So I’ve got some pounds to take back off, but things are looking good for 2012 and I’m ready to get rolling again.

I carried a camera all day and got off one shot.  I was too busy watching my RPM needle sitting on the redline.  I stopped for about 8 seconds to snap this one and it took me 5 minutes to latch back on!  The camera stayed in the pocket after that… 🙂

I also took a rookie digger by catching a toe on the tiniest little stump and finding myself on the ground in the blink of an eye.  It was about the most gentle fall I’ve had, almost all slide and very little impact.  Only Brad and Jaime were witness to that one, and Jim pointed out how the blood had spattered from my wound clear over to my other leg.  Cool.

I ran in the Trail Gloves.  I’ve gone longer in them, but never at this speed.  Everything held up well.  My feet were good and my calves didn’t explode.  They will be sore for a few days for sure, but I think they are finally starting to adapt.  I’ve focused quite a bit on making that weak link stronger and it’s starting to pay off.

Woody was a most excellent (and generous!) host in opening his home and providing food and drink for everyone.  Thanks!

Run – 2 miles

Hiked on the treadmill at 15% incline. Calves are sore from yesterday’s run.

Total: 61.6 miles / 8:52 / 726TSS

Pic of the week – Pancake Trail Run (Woody’s photo):

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  1. Great running with you on Saturday. So nice to put a face to the written words!

  2. Well, I learned quite a bit on Saturday about how NOT to lead a group run! The pic above is Exhibit A. I didn’t even know Patrick & Brad weren’t with us. I promise to make it more enjoyable next time.

    I thought about telling all of you to watch out for what I call the “thimble roots”. They get me all the time! I remember tripping over one, getting a mouthful of dirt, and then staring in disgust and disbelief at the tiny stub sticking out of the ground for about 5 minutes. Sorry to hear it got you too.

    Thanks for making the effort to come out!

    • Thimble roots – good one! I run through there enough to know better, just wasn’t paying attention. Amazing how little it takes to slam you to the ground.

      You did great, I was stoked to see you running so well! Very glad I was able to make it, thanks for the invite. You should expand it to a 4 day training camp next year!

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