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Colorado Photo Company Launch Contest

I have been working very hard this week to get my new little venture off the ground.


I will have a LOT more to say about that in the near future, but 2014 is looking great!  I’m already on target to shoot as many as fourteen races this year, and have scheduled 2 workshops with 15 people each that I will be announcing soon.  I’m just hoping to find a free weekend to actually run a race or two!

I launched a Facebook page for the company today, and have been blown away by the support and encouragement I’ve received.  People can be pretty darn cool sometimes.  Who knew? 🙂

Head on over to the Colorado Photo Company page on Facebook and please like it if you care to.

Once you have liked the page, leave a numeric prediction about some big sporting event on the contest thread for a chance to win a framed print.

For those of you not on Facebook, I will post the contest details below.  Leave a comment on this post with your guess and you’re set!

Thank you all for reading and giving me such great support over the years.  I really appreciate it!

Let’s have ourselves a little contest!

In order to steer clear of copyright/infringement issues, I am calling this my water-loving raptor vs. hoofed high-country beast point prediction stunt.

1. Like the Colorado Photo Company page.

2. Leave a comment below with a number that represents your guess for the total combined score of a certain sporting event taking place this weekend. The person with the closest guess will receive a framed print of the winning team’s likeness shown below.

Please share and pass along!

Chris Boyack | Colorado Photo Company



Race Report: 2014 Pikes Peak Ponderous Posterior 50K

There are a lot of things wrong with the title for this post, but I’m a creature of habit so I’m sticking with it.  Speaking of habit, January means getting up before 5:00 in the morning to make the trek down to JT’s place to run a bunch of awesome miles with a great group of people.

Those CRUD guys can’t keep a course together to save their lives, having lost big chunks of the original due to fire and the second-string due to floods.  No matter.  You just have to start running with the compass pointed NW, W, or SW and you are sure to find some amazing terrain.  Kudos on another great tour of the area.

What they lack in course luck is more than made up for in weather luck.  Outstanding.  Every single time.  I love being able to pop down there and run in shorts and a T-shirt on real trails!

I started in the 07:00 group with what seemed to be at least a couple dozen runners.  It was fun to renew old friendships and make new ones as the miles went by.


The sunrise was incredible and we all knew a great day was in store.  The warm light on the rocks in Garden of the Gods combined with the moon setting over Pikes Peak were too much for me to resist and I had to keep stopping and snapping pics, then burning a small match or two in order to catch back up.  It was worth it.



The early morning light was fantastic.


The fun and games were over once we hit the Incline.  A cruel jumble of old railroad ties pasted onto the side of a cliff, so it seemed.  That took a toll on the legs as I fought to keep from falling over backwards while grinding my way up the 2,000′ ascent in a mile.  Patrick, Jaime, Nick, and the rest all make it look so easy!




I was in no-mans land now, and stopped several times to take more pictures before meeting up with JT, Ryan, Brad, and Paul at the summit of Rocky Mountain.



I took a final shot of Pikes Peak and then left the camera stashed for the rest of the day.  We all ran together for a good while, and stopped to refuel at a great little aid station they had set up.  I don’t know who it was giving up the morning to take care of us, but if you’re out there – thank you!

I left the aid station a little before the others and was on my own after that.  I missed a key turn and chopped off a couple of miles, but it all worked out for the best.  I made it home at just the right time.

I ended up with 21.9 miles.  I think the official course this year was 25.9.

Strava details here.  I never stopped the watch, probably accumulated at least an hour of standing around.

Thanks to JT for hosting and Team CRUD for putting on another great event!


Race Report: 2014 Rescue Run 10K

Me trying to run fast(er) these days is pure comedy.  Old, fat, and slow – that’s three strikes!

I was temped to blow off today’s race.  If you already know how it’s going to turn out, why bother doing it?  That is the line of thinking I am trying to change, though.  Replacing it with thoughts that you have to show up and DO something.

I showed up and took my medicine, and I’m glad I did.

Malcolm came along and ran the 5K, and we both had a good time kicking the New Year off with a little sweat and suffering.

The course is a bit of a butt-kicker, and the wind made things a little tough, but I’m excited to get back into the whole racing scene again.

At least I broke my 4 year slide of running slower each time.

2008 – 43:14
2009 – 44:04
2010 – 44:45
2011 – 47:27


The park where the race is run is right in town, but has some nice hills and open areas. The normal outstanding view of Pikes Peak was blocked by some clouds, though.



This year is shaping up to be a good one.  I registered for a race at 1:00AM (LT100), ran the 10K race this morning, and am posting a race report on the same day.  Surely a miracle if there ever was one.

Bring on 2014!