2013: Favorite Photos – Places

Here are some of my favorite ‘place’ shots of 2013.

We made a trip up to South Dakota in February and had great weather for a weekend of seeing the sights. Really loved the Black Hills area.


This is Frisco, CO. I made a detour on one of my trips up to Leadville and spent a cold evening getting some photos of the town.


This is Sharptail trail. It starts 3 miles from my house and always offers up some great views. You know it’s a good day when the sun is only coming up after you’ve hit your high point for the day and you are on the way back home.


I did a ton of driving with my oldest daughter earlier in the year as she worked on getting the 50 hours of required time behind the wheel before getting her license. Of course I always brought the camera, and often came back with a great shot of something. The double-rainbow from Lookout Mountain will be hard to top.


Roxborough State Park. Close to home, and one of my favorite places of all.


I grabbed my gear and took off driving when I heard the news about the Black Forest fire. It took me a while to find it, but I’ll never forget the feeling I had coming over a hill on a country dirt road and seeing this sight at sunset. It was beautiful and terrifying all at once. The fire would go on to become the most destructive in Colorado history.


Roxborough State Park again. I saw this flower while driving out of the park after sunset and used my car’s headlights to light it up for the shot. I took this while sitting in the dirt with my back against the car bumper.


I love a good sunrise. Especially one where I am already out on a trail and get to see it develop over time. This was taken on day two of our 14er trip, on the way up Missouri Gulch. Man, that trail is steep!


This is a Bristlecone Pine estimated to be over 1,000 years old, overlooking the town of Alma, CO. I have long wanted to get up there and see them, and finally made it happen this year. It was well worth the trip!


And one of my favorite places of all, I just can’t get enough of the Moab canyon country.


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  1. Dang, I think I know that bristlecone. They are some beautiful trees. Again, loving this series you are doing to wrap the year.

  2. Great shots, Chris. Also shows how much you have close to home.

    If you get a chance when you’re near Salida, I would check out the Mount Ouray bristlecones; they fill the entire bowl below the summit. Got that hike idea from Mike Hinterberg.

  3. Damn, great shot of Black Forest. I watched that from my roof. Hopefully no fire pics for you in ’14 though.

  4. So pretty, you have such talent.

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