Monthly Archives: January 2010

Rescue Run photos

Well my race stunk, but I got some good pics out of it (always a bonus).  Thanks to Tom Dewane.

The best part of the day was going to Olive Garden with the family.  The hostess was making conversation with Jessica (1st grader) asking her how her New Year’s celebration went, and did you have any resolutions?  Jessica replied, “No, we just had some doughnuts.”  Too funny.

Race Report: 2010 Rescue Run 10K

I was really looking forward to this race. The weather was cooperating nicely and I was feeling good. Stepped on the scale and was back to my pre-Leadville weight for the first time since August. This is a hilly race and I have been doing a lot of hill work on the treadmill to supplement my normal runs. In short, I was expecting to fly.

I sucked.

Legs didn’t hurt, they just wouldn’t go. I worked as hard or harder than I did the previous two times I’ve done this race and came away with my slowest ever time. Nice.

Was disappointed for a while, but it doesn’t matter. On to the next one! Good training, anyway. I think my legs were still a little flat from my first big run of this training cycle last weekend. That run was awesome – cruised 21 hilly miles with an avg HR of 130. I think it took more out of my legs than I thought. Only way to deal with that is go do another one tomorrow!

29th place out of ~700