2011 Training Log – Week 44

A bit of a down week, which is just fine this time of year.  While I didn’t rack up many miles, the runs were all high quality.  Feeling good and ready to ramp it back up this week.

Run – 7 miles

Felt good. Threw in 2 cruise intervals. So nice to have my injuries mostly under control – and take full strides without wincing or tensing up.

Run – 6.5 miles

A little pressed for time so had to keep it short.


Way too much going on to run.

Run – 10.3 miles

Good steady run on a very nice day. Tempo effort.


Focused on projects around the house.

Run – 21 miles

This one should count for 30 with all the wind. Man, that was some slow going at times. Pretty much just a long jog.


Total: 45 miles / 6:34

Pic of the week – Snow tires!  First time in the 25 winters I’ve driven.


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