Monthly Archives: February 2007

What a difference a day makes

Yesterday I rolled out of bed at 6:00 and took off in the cold and dark for a 10 miler. I did ok, but it was tough. My legs weren’t very loose and my range of motion seemed quite limited.

Today I ran in the middle of the day – in shorts for the first time this year (62 deg!). The legs were happy! I don’t think they like being bound up in tights very well. My stride was relaxed and free, and my pace was quick with less effort than yesteday. In fact, my average pace per mile was 1:40 faster, and it was a whooole lot easier.

I actually felt like a runner today, running… Instead of a cyclist trying to run. It was awesome!

I was trying hard to hold back for the first four miles, because this is supposed to be an easy/rest week, but I couldn’t take it anymore and let it rip at the turnaround. I did the second half 6 minutes faster than the first. Man, that felt good!

It’s just like riding a bike

January 2006, I rode 610 miles. Including two 70+ rides in shorts and jersey weather.

January 2007, I rode ZERO miles. Bitter cold, snowy roads. No thanks. I didn’t even ride the trainer in the basement. I did run 120 miles, though.

I went on my first ride of ’07 today, and it was great. Did 30 miles at lunch with the crew. I rode very hard and was amazed at how good I felt. Especially coming off of the treadmill marathon 3 days ago. It was the first pedaling I’ve done in 7 weeks, and I felt like I picked up right where I left off. Other than my butt being sore…

Marathon Man

Ran 26.2 on the treadmill tonight. 4:27. Watched the entire superbowl, timed it pretty well – finished just as they were presenting the trophy. Not bad considering my longest run to this point was 14 miles.

I think I passed through the valley of the shadow of death about 5 times… I’ll be feeling this one for a while.

The best part was tossing my wrappers and bottles along side of the ‘road’. Litterbug.

I finished after the kids had already gone to bed. When I went upstairs, I found this note on my pillow. Too cute.