Race Report: 2011 Big Horn 100

My approach to this race was a relaxed one.  I didn’t focus on ‘racing’ at all, but just took it as an opportunity to get some more experience at this distance in a beautiful setting.  I carried a camera and shot 300 photos and 90 minutes of video.  Hopefully, the finished product conveys a little bit of what it was like and allows the viewer to go along for the ride.  Buckle up.

The music is from my running buddy, Kirk.  Turns out he was a rock star back in the day.  Good stuff!

(Also, see the extended version here.)


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  1. Wow those feet!!!!! 😦

    Too many funny parts to recall – well done and congratulations!

  2. incredible video man. i thought it was very appropriate that the lady at the finish line didn’t congratulate you on a “great race” but instead said “welcome back”. 100 miles is something else.

  3. Dude! That night river crossing was SKETCHY!!!! Awesome video man!

  4. Hey Chris – that was a stupendous look at one helluva tough race. Thanks for the effort of putting it all together – very freakin’ cool. I’m 50-50 (no pun intended) on North Fork right now, but perhaps we’ll cross trails again soon. Great job man! Cheers – Dave

  5. The best 15 minutes of my day! Sweet video, but even sweeter run. Solo. Wow, you rock!!

  6. Wow. Great stuff, Chris. Amazing you kept your sense of humor through it all. Loved the line about the cool factor wearing off. And, man, that course looked sloppy. Curious…I assume you didn’t change socks/shoes ever? Congrats on the finish. Very impressive.

  7. Finally got a chance to watch this film! Thanks for the view of Big Horn. Had no clue what Wyoming running looked like.

  8. Wow, great job on the film and the finish. I’m putting the finishing touches on my 2012 race schedule and this film might have moved some plans around. That place looks awesome. I have spent several weeks over the last 4 years camped in the Bighorn high country near Tensleep, Wy- climbing that amazing limestone. The high meadow shots in your video really remind me of those wide open Tensleep vistas, with the big limestone bands all around. Then the deep, forested river bottoms remind me of the Rapid River area I run here in the winter near my home. That is certainly where I should be training for that rocky, constant up and down terrain. My favorite 8 miler in Rapid River nets 1800′ feet of gain, but grosses 3200′. I know what it’s like to climb away from the river and think you are getting somewhere, just to drop back down to the water and lose it all. There is something to training on long, sustained climbs, but I feel much more training stimulus from a rolling course which allows you to attack the hills harder and recover while accelerating downhill.

    Thanks for sharing this Chris.

    • Hey Jeremy,
      Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed the show. I would highly recommend the Bighorn race. Awesome scenery (all those rock faces will make it hard to keep your eyes on the trail), mature event, extremely well organized, well marked, and well supported. From what I’ve seen of the training runs you’ve posted on your blog, this course would be a great match for you. The only small downsides are that it can be very wet, and they have had to alter the course a couple of times due to late-season snowpack. Crew access (if you care about that) can be tough as well. That all adds to the fun in my opinion…

      The support they have from all of the people in the area is fantastic. They pack in huge loads and camp out for days to support the runners. The race has a very remote feel to it. The 11AM start time is unique as well.

      Do it!

      Maybe I’ll actually train for it this year. I would like to take a crack at joining the sub-24 (Rusty Spur Club) group there.


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