Monthly Archives: February 2010


Had the day off today so took the kids to the climbing gym.  Dusted off my 23-year old (!!) La Sportiva Mariacher’s and they still fit like a glove.  The gym was great – cranking the classic rock station over the satellite radio.  Told my son I used to climb every day, back when this music was called modern rock…  Legs were still sore from Moab, and the dislocated finger protested a bit, but we all had a great time and can’t wait to do it again.

Natalie long legs

Lindsey coming down from a successful ascent

When I bought these shoes 23 years ago, I would have laughed if you told me that some day I would be running 100 mile races in La Sportivas.  Totally inconceivable.

Need to donate these to a museum

Malcolm working his way up a slightly overhanging 5.8

My girls

I was a little rusty, but still had a few moves left in me

Moab Red Hot Results

Epic day in sno-ab.  Report coming.

Course was shortened by 1.5’ish miles (making it closer to a 50K and dropping the ‘+’) .8 miles due to snow conditions.  Finish times are probably a wash with previous years due to the difficult and slow snow sections.  Final aid station was relocated to about 2 miles from the finish also due to conditions (vehicles couldn’t make it to the normal AS spot) making for an extended dry spell between water refills.  Plenty of snow to eat, though!

Results here


This is the desert, right?

Looking forward to 34 miles of snow and ice tomorrow.  Much different conditions than we had last year.  Times will be slower, but it’ll be fun!  This is the view from the starting line.  We’ll climb a bit and make our way into the hanging canyon straight ahead, then end up on the edge of the rim at mile 10 (top right of pic) looking back down on the start.  Then we’ll head south for another 20 or so to finish in another canyon next to the Colorado River.  Sun+Snow+5 hours = remember the sunscreen!