2015 Year End Stats

What a challenging year! Trying to juggle raising a family, maintaining a demanding career, and two very time intensive hobbies (running and photography) was a handful. I also finished an online degree program, spent 50 hours driving with my daughter to qualify her for a license, spent many days searching for and test driving cars for my son, graduated my other daughter from high school and sent her off to college, and set a new PR for miles run in a calendar year.

2015 stats

2015 chart

Training wise, I made a serious effort to prioritize consistent running. This had been taking a back seat over the last couple of years to some other activities (mostly photography). A year ago, I made a conscious decision to get the miles in any way possible. Early, late, sometimes even three runs in a day. I made it happen.

I was pleasantly surprised when I started checking my stats in late November and realized that 3,000 miles was in reach. I hadn’t really considered it, because an Achilles injury in the May/June timeframe had really set me back. Thankfully, that plus some lingering hip issues have mostly been resolved and I am feeling pretty good heading into the 2016.

I shot 11 races this year, but will cut that significantly in 2016. It was a hard decision, but I terminated my contract with the Highlands Ranch Race Series. I have nothing but fond memories of working those races for the past two years, and will miss it a great deal. Ultimately, it was a time-based decision. I need some of that weekend time back in order to pursue other goals.






What’s next?

I have training dialed, but now I am hungry to race well. I only had one decent race this year, and I want to focus on preparing for and executing on race day. My world doesn’t revolved around racing, but it gives me a goal to work towards and adds clarity and purpose to my weekly training routine. Most of all, it offers a great way to explore my potential, which is really what I’m after. I feel like I seldom ever get near my potential, and whatever it is, I want to get closer to it on a more regular basis.

Thanks everyone for your support, inspiration, and motivation – and Happy New Year!


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  1. See you at the Rescue Run?

  2. I thought you had reached your potential quite some time back, but then you just keep on surprising me. You inspire all of the rest of us and mostly make Mom and I just feel tired. I am glad you can do these things that you enjoy and can work it with your work. It seems all that I could ever do is work and family, but then we did the best we could and are happy for that and have lots of good memories. All I can say is “Keep on Keeping On”.

    • Thanks, Dad. It is certainly a challenge to juggle it all, but I am a better person for it. Like with everything else good in life, when the going gets tough I remind myself that ‘it’s worth it’.

  3. Great year Chris. Congrats. Glad to have been a part of a couple fun runs with you and hope we can get more in next year. Happy New Year.

  4. Happy New Year Chris!

  5. Awesome post Chris! Took me a while to get to it. 🙂 I am happy to have run some good miles with you this year. And definitely looking forward to this year!

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