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2011 Training Log – Week 25

Concentrated on recovery from the 100 miler.  Biggest issue was being tired, everything else felt relatively good.  Easier recovery than any of my previous races this year.  There was so much hiking, I just didn’t get all that beat-up.  I’m hoping to get back to a regular (but light) week this coming week.

OFF.  Walked the dog a couple of miles, jogged for about 5 minutes to test things out.  Felt good.
Bike – 17.5 / 1:00
Felt quite good, considering this is the first physical activity after the 100 miler. Easily averaged 21mph on the middle 11 miles.
Run – 5.3 / :53First run after BH100 on trails at the boneyard. Felt good, just really tired. Cut it a little short.
Run – 7 / 1:00Really good run. Steady cruise that felt good.
Run – 5.1 / 1:11
Relaxed jog/hike on the upper trails of Mt. Falcon with Malcolm. We were both pretty tired, but happy to be up in the hills.
OFF.  Resting up for next week.
Total Time – 4:05Bike – 17.5 / 1:00
Run– 17.4 / 3:05

Pic of the week:










Up and away.

Race Report: 2011 Big Horn 100

My approach to this race was a relaxed one.  I didn’t focus on ‘racing’ at all, but just took it as an opportunity to get some more experience at this distance in a beautiful setting.  I carried a camera and shot 300 photos and 90 minutes of video.  Hopefully, the finished product conveys a little bit of what it was like and allows the viewer to go along for the ride.  Buckle up.

The music is from my running buddy, Kirk.  Turns out he was a rock star back in the day.  Good stuff!

(Also, see the extended version here.)


2011 Training Log – Week 24

Jogged a few times, then drove up to Wyoming to run the Big Horn 100 mile race.  Tough course!  Struggled through some issues (mostly being fat, injured, and undertrained).  Feet got worked by being wet for about 85 of the 100 miles.  Happy to finish that one.  Shot tons of pics and video during the race, will get something put together this week.