2012 Training Log – Week 4

Finished up a good 3 week block of training with another 70 miles.  Now it’s time to back off a little and let the legs recover just a bit before thrashing them at the Psycho Wyco 50k in two weeks.  I’m not in ideal shape for that race, but I have been training well so no complaints.

I’ve been hitting the homemade TRX almost every day and am really liking it.  Starting to feel just a tiny bit stronger.  It’s a great way to get a quick core and upper body workout.  10-20 minutes is all it takes to be pretty well spent.

My Facebook friend count is +100 after this week.  I’d say it’s about 60-40 for those I knew vs. ones I didn’t.  A lot of the ones I didn’t know personally were friends of friends or I’ve seen their blogs/comments, etc.  One of my loose goals this year is to stretch myself a little more socially (I’m a pretty hardcore introvert by nature), so if you accepted my friend request – thanks!

Along a similar line, I’ve been making a concerted effort to get out and run with others on the weekends.  It’s great to share the trails with the good runners around here, and it definitely gives me a training boost as everyone seems to be in killer shape.  I’ve stayed away from a lot of group runs due to being injured, fat, slow, or having a tough schedule.  I’m injury free now, starting to get leaner/faster again, and have found that despite the schedule, it can be done.  It just takes a little work.  I think I did group runs or met others for a run 4 times all of last year.  I’ve already matched that this month.

12 miles
137 TSS
Saucony Peregrine

Head wanted to go fast, legs wanted slow. Head won.

I kept thinking of that Jens Voigt (one of the toughest riders in the peloton) clip when he says what he tells his legs when they start complaining.  He is a German that learned English from Austrailians, so he has an awesome accent.

11 miles
125 TSS
Saucony Kinvara

One of those box of chocolates kind of days. Never know what you’re gonna get. Pleasantly surprised that it turned out good.

7 miles
74 TSS
Saucony Kinvara


11 miles
108 TSS
New Balance MT110

Hill repeats. These are going to pay off. Some day.


Way too hot on the first one, but set a new best time. Gave a good effort on the rest and salvaged the day, but it wasn’t anything stellar.

11 miles
111 TSS
Saucony Peregrine

Nice cruise.

18 miles
173 TSS
New Balance MT110

06:00 start for a run with the TURDs (Trail Ultra Running Dads). Had a very enjoyable morning on the trails with Woody, Joe, Jim, and Jaime. Great to get in a solid run like that with some good guys that have similar family and scheduling constraints. It was cold, but not as bad as I thought it would be. I was happy to feel decent, only complaint was that the legs were still tired from Thursday. I’ll take it.  And what a sunrise!



Total: 70.7 miles / 11:15 / 730 TSS

Pic of the week.  Waterton Canyon (2 miles from my house) opens up again in one month after being closed for about a year and a half.  Can’t wait to get up there and check on my Bighorn buddies:

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  1. TURDs. That is most excellent.

    If I had to clear out my FB pages, even though I have never met ya, I would not dump ya. Then again, there are a lot of people I have met and know pretty well that I probably ought to dump.

    • Lots of good TURDs around. Fun to find some guys that would get up before 5 on a Saturday in January to bang out a 3 hour run all in the name of getting back home to carry on with the family duties.

      FB is definitely love/hate sometimes. I just decided screw it, I’m going to be the one to reach out. It’s way too easy for me to stay in the comfort of my shell. High school classmates, teachers, runners, relatives, etc. Response has been great. It was funny when you posted about FB last week and Rob and Sean were among the first to respond – I had just ‘friended’ both of them the day before. Have never met, but we’re all part of the same circle. All of the great runs I have been doing with folks lately have been in large part due to FB.

      Thanks for not dumping me! One of these days our paths will cross, then we can be legit.

  2. Scott Williams

    Hey Chris, look for my friend request on FB. Just sent it this morning.

  3. TURDs…love it.

    Good running (and hiking) with you again!

    P.S. I don’t want a TURD t-shirt.

  4. Love it…Team TURD! Unlike Jim, I’d take a shirt.

    Good running with you on Saturday. I had a lot of fun out there.

    • Jaime – speaking of climbing strong – wow! Keep up with the work you’ve been doing, it’s paying off! Looking forward to lots more TURD runs (that didn’t sound quite right) as we build up to summer.

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