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2012 Training Log – Week 2

Back in the swing of things after taking it easier last week.

10 miles
96 TSS
New Balance MT110

Awesome workout. That’s more like it. Still not speedy, but way more solid and consistent.

Hill repeats:


Forgot the Garmin today, so no heart rate to watch. I focused entirely on my breathing. Keeping it right in the sweet spot (very hard, but not to the point of gasping or taking double breaths).

Ended up with a nice little progression downward, and felt like I had a few more in me. Last week I could only stagger through 4 of them.

7.1 miles
56 TSS
Saucony Peregrine

The odds were stacked heavily against getting any sort of run in today. Normally if I manage to get out under those circumstances it makes me antsy and I want to turn back early. Today I relished the challenge of running fast to get back in time for the rest of my day’s activities. The legs are finally waking up from their winter nap.

What is with the wrong-way runners on paths or closed roads?? I sort of get it out on the street, but don’t see the need anywhere else. Pretty much brushed shoulders playing chicken with a dude that would not give up the snowy tire track I was in (going the ‘right’ direction). He blinked first.

7 miles
48 TSS
New Balance MT110

Brutal. Very cold, snowy, and windy. Exact same route as yesterday. Crazy to be bundled up and grinding an 11:00 pace past where I was floating along at mid-7 in shorts the day before. Glad to get this one over with.

10 miles
87 TSS
New Balance MT110

Nice steady run in the new snow.

6 miles
42 TSS
Saucony Peregrine

Holy bleh. Woke up @ 01:00 with intense stomach cramping, finally drifted off again about 15 min before the alarm went off. Rough night. This run sucked as expected. Made the most of it and did an errand while I was out. Hamstring started cramping and threatening to seize up at mile 4.

Good thing I’ll be taking it easy tomorrow. I could use the rest…

30.5 miles
453 TSS
New Balance MT110

Pikes Peak Ponderous Posterior 50K.  Absolutely fantastic day on the trails.  Great group of people, lots of dirt, and a little ice and snow.  8,800′ of climbing.  Finished in 6:28.  More later.



Total: 70.8 miles / 12:43 / 783 TSS

Pic of the week.  Purple Mountain Majesty: