2012 Training Log – Week 3

Really slow start to the week.  I was definitely feeling the effects from Saturday’s 50k for a while.  I didn’t want to take any time off, though.  So I kept the easy days really easy, then rallied late for some good efforts on Thursday and Saturday.

Looking for a good week coming up with a tempo run, more hill repeats, and another 20-30 long run on the weekend.

6 miles
40 TSS
Nike Free

Dreaded this one all day. Feeling tired and a bit sore from the big run over the weekend. Got on the treadmill and jogged – actually felt decent.

8 miles
53 TSS
New Balance MT110

Very tired, but got it done.

Also did some TRX.

8 miles
58 TSS
Merrell Trail Glove

Ran some laps at the boneyard with Stu. Trails were super sketchy with 2-3″ of clear/polished ice underneath a 1/2″ layer of powder. Multiple slips and close calls. Thankfully no diggers. Playing with fire on the ice…

11 miles
112 TSS
Saucony Kinvara

I’m still dragging a bit after Saturday’s big run. Everyone else reported just running easy for the day, but I worked pretty hard for 40-50% of it with my heart rate in the upper 160s for very long stretches.

Wasn’t sure I would be up for doing hill repeats today, and the few surges I threw in during my warmup were pretty awful.

Turned out good, though. My best ever time on this particular hill (Locust) was 2:23.

I only did 4 repeats, but all were high quality:


There was no transitioning to an easy jog recovery. It was full-stop, hands-on-knees, head-spinning, breathing like a steam train, try not to pass out. Then start jogging again. I went absolutely as hard as I could.

I have no idea how I still managed a 2:28 on the last. It felt more like a 3:00. I had it in my head to bust through 2:20 so got out really quick. It came back to bite me in the butt as I crossed the razor’s edge and just about had to come to a stop. I staggered the last 100 meters and called it good for the day.

Also completed my toughest TRX workout yet.  Loving the Atomic Pushup.

10.4 miles
105 TSS
Saucony Kinvara

Ugh. Legs shot. Really struggled to get through this one.

20 miles
222 TSS
New Balance MT110

A much needed breath of fresh air in what has been a tough week.  Dinner out, a movie, and an uncharacteristically good night’s sleep had me feeling really good in the morning.  I got some chores done around the house and then busted out for a loop around Chatfield.  My aim was to keep a steady effort going and I targeted the mid 150s for heart rate.  Most of my long runs are more of a jog, this one was an extended medium effort.  2:45 right in the sweet-spot.  Felt like good quality stuff.

Not every run can be a romp through the mountains with a group of friends.


Living on the edge.

It was odd to see the lake surface so calm as I was getting pounded by the wind.

The mushy conditions made it tough to keep a good pace going.

7 miles
108 TSS
Nike Free

5 on the mill, 2 with the dog. Easy. Tired, but ok.

Total: 70.4 miles / 11:26 / 712 TSS

Pic of the week.  Puppy Love:

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