Agile Fox Gear Review: New Balance MT110 Trail Shoe


the empty won onesie row
what an awesome shoe
down the trails they’ll gallop
as the miles and smiles accrue
silver’s fast
they’re such a blast
get some so yule key pup


Posted on January 5, 2012, in run. Bookmark the permalink. 4 Comments.

  1. Nice! I went with the black pair. I’ve yet to try them out but looking forward to it soon.

    • I probably would have chosen black, but silver is what BRC set aside for me. Awesome shoe, I think you’ll like it. The traction is off the charts for such a simple lug pattern, and the ride is sweet. A little stiff, but I expect them to break in.

  2. Robert Taibi

    What milage can yo get out of this shoe? You think 500miles?

    • Robert, I have been meaning to post a more extensive review. I believe the shoe will easily get 500 miles, if not quite a bit more. My first pair is at about 200 miles right now (including 2 50K races). Still holding up great.

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