2012 Training Log – Week 1

Took this as a planned easier week after slugging out the runs for all of December.  Seemed like a good one to back off a little, then get another block in before racing in early February.

7 miles
45 TSS
New Balance MT101

Got out late afternoon for a slow jog up to Roxborough State Park and back.  Very slow and tired.

7 miles
50 TSS
Merrell Trail Glove

Easy cruise.

8 miles
75 TSS
Saucony Peregrine

Time to get after it a litte again.  3rd time doing these hill repeats in 4-5 weeks or so.  Getting slower every time.  Nice.

Went all out on the first one and set my best time by a second.  It cost me, though.  I staggered through the next one wanting to bag it, but I stuck with the workout for better or worse.  Next time I need to even out the effort a little, shoot for 4 x 4:30 or something like that.

4:22 – 174avg – new record
4:59 – 168avg – died 10,000 deaths
4:57 – 166avg – almost same time, but way easier than the previous one
4:49 – 167avg – rebounding just a little

7.3 miles
48 TSS
New Balance MT110

Hit the sloppy trails of the boneyard to break in my new MT110s.  Ran easy for a while then did an 18 minute hard tempo with a 171avg/180max.

7 miles
50 TSS
New Balance MT110


14.1 miles
152 TSS
New Balance MT110

Met up with Jim @ dark:30.  We ran the path from Morrison up to Green Mountain.  Did a lap and returned so I could head home to take the family to see the National Western Stock Show, and Jim could get some more miles in.  Very happy with this run, it was great to share some time on the trail with Jim and we were treated to excellent dry trail conditions for much of the GM loop and a beautiful morning.

Once my calves loosened up I felt decent and could feel the hill repeats I’ve been doing kicking in just a little bit.  I still have a LONG way to go before I’ll get where I want to be, but I’m feeling some progress.

I took one of my all-time best falls, too.  I rarely crash running alone, only seems to happen when I’m following someone.  I caught a toe on a rock, and almost saved it.  I didn’t, but had enough time to do a sweet tuck and roll down off the side of the trail.  I was up and running again in a flash.

Thanks, Jim!



Total: 50.4 miles / 8:17 / 422 TSS

Pic of the week.  LJ and I before the rodeo:

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  1. Great to share some miles w/ you on Saturday. You shoulda worn that belt buckle on the run. Would have made an impression on all the road bikers milling about the parking lot. And, for the record, the Agile Fox is, indeed, agile. Smoothest trail tumble I’ve ever witnessed.

  2. 4:22 – 174avg – new record
    4:59 – 168avg – died 10,000 deaths

    My favorite part of this post, but just barely above the buckle shot.

  3. Don’t forget your habit of dislodging and transporting cobbles, too, Chris! I seem to remember you kicking the same rock on three successive steps on one of our runs.

    Good times.


  4. Uh oh. I think this post confirms my suspicion. If you run with JP, someone is going to hit the dirt (or snow)! He’s cursed! Haha! I bit it the last two times I ran with him.

    That buckle shot actually makes me want to wear mine. Gotta hit up the stock show and get a hat to complement the buckle.

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