2011 Training Log – Week 52

3,000.2 miles.

2011 is done.  Wipe the slate and reset the odometer.

12.2 miles
110 TSS
La Sportiva Crosslite

Early morning run around the neighborhood before taking the family ice skating.

6.4 miles
90 TSS
La Sportiva Crosslite

Cool night run/hike with Malcolm up Mount Morrison. We started at 8pm and had the place to ourselves except for a few deer. Awesome views of the city lights from the summit.

11.4 miles
111 TSS
Saucony Peregrine

Nice cruise.

10 miles
93 TSS
Saucony Peregrine

Hill repeats. 4 x .5 mile. A little slower than a similar workout 2 weeks ago. Good to get at it again, though.

5.8 miles
44 TSS
Merrell Trail Glove

A short jog mixed with a TRX workout. Set up my homemade TRX at a playground near the boneyard. Ran a lap, then did a strength circuit, then repeated a few times. Good option for a planned low-mileage day.



Saw JT’s longboard at the mall.

26.2 miles
213 TSS
New Balance MT101

Needed 26 to hit 3,000 miles for the year. Headed out the door for a big loop up in Roxborough State Park. Great place for a run, and it was ‘mostly’ sheltered from the brutal winds that prevailed today. The trails get a decent amount of traffic through the winter and I enjoyed cruising along the nicely packed surface with my spikes on.

The third photo and the last one were taken from the same spot.  Amazing what a difference a couple of hours can make when it comes to Colorado weather.



Did some TRX.  It’s going to take some practice to get the moves down and to be able to do them effectively.

Total: 72 miles / 14:30 / 663 TSS

Pic of the week.  Cool scene leaving work on Wednesday:

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  1. >3,000.2

    Nice 🙂 Heck of an accomplishment.

    Great night photos on Morrison. But as you can tell I just like photos with city lights.

    I proselytize about the Microspikes to anyone who will listen, they are awesome. Why worry about falling, when you can run down sheets of ice bull-bore instead?

    • Yeah, the nite pics are fun.

      Small confession. I’ve had the spikes for a couple of years now, and yesterday was the first time I have used them. Just never wanted to bother with them in the past. Wow, they are incredible! It made that run feel almost like I was running on dirt.

  2. Yeah! The 3K in the bag… sorry for disappearing over the pre-Christmas week. Ended up tweaking my back something fierce helping one of Santa’s helpers unload a ping-pong table from a truck with a broken lift. After that, I no longer was a happy Christmas elf, I was a dwarf, Grumpy that is. Hope to hook up for some miles is 2012.

    • Jim! Not the back… so sorry to hear that. Hope you feel better soon. My week was a mess anyway, work was crazy and I just ended up squeezing little runs in everywhere I could. Saved the big one for the final day. Hopefully one of these days fitness/health/schedules will align and we can get some miles in together.

  3. Back is much better now. Just forced a few days of holiday rest. All good.

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