2011 Year End Stats

Last year:

Loose goal for 2011 = 3,000 running, 2,000 bike…  We’ll see.

The stats:

Missed the bike goal by a long ways, but I did manage to squeak out 3,000 miles on foot in style with 26.2 on the final day of the year.  Works out to an 8.2 mile per day average.  It was just a few years ago when 8 miles was the longest run I had ever done.  Wow.

I still think my ideal year would be 3,000 run/2,00o bike, but I can see now that those numbers are pretty far out of reach due to available training time.  I miss the bike, but am not really willing to cut back on the running at this stage.

So, next year’s goal:

3,333 run / 999 bike

Staying healthy for running will be key.  I had two calf injuries this year that knocked me out for 10 days each.  That was a major victory over previous years when I have been out for 1-3 months at a time with various issues.  On the bike side, I need to get serious about incorporating a commute on at least a weekly basis (20 miles each way).  That will be one way to get some extra miles and replacing some behind-the-wheel time with saddle time.

Happy 2012!

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  1. That is an impressive climb in mileage over the years. Hoping to share some strides with you in the 0-1-2.

  2. No kidding on the running mile build up. Pretty bad ass!

  3. Way to go, you 3k folks are amazing. And I look forward to getting out from under the injuries like you did.

    Guess I’d better change my chart color though, I was going to use a black background too. lol

  4. Congratulations Chris! That is very impressive. I always enjoy reading your blog. I am going to be running my first 100 in May, so I really appreciate the inspiration. Keep it up!

  5. You are unbelievable!! Stay Well and keep on TRUCKIN!!!!!

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