2011 Training Log – Week 33

Recovery week post-Leadville.  Definitely the easiest week I’ve had coming back around after a 100 miler.  That 27 mile hike at the end served as a great cool down.  My legs feel pretty good and I’m ready to get back to some more focused training again.


Run – 5.5 miles

Almost felt guilty on this one.  No way my legs should feel this good.  Definitely didn’t leave it all on the course at Leadville.

Run – 5.5  miles
Another easy cruise.

Bike – ~12 miles

Night ride with some buddies from work.  Had a blast carving up the singletrack in the dark.

Run – 8.7 miles

Pushed this one a little bit.  Hot and hilly.  Still feeling decent.


Run – 7 miles

Ran the annual neighborhood 5k/10k.  Won the 10k.  Legs weren’t firing as fast as I would like, but felt good so no complaints.

Sunday – Off

Total – 27 miles

Pic of the week:

Climbing above the city on our night ride

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