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Race Report: 2011 Rox Trot 10K

For the 3rd year in a row, my family and I participated in the local 5k/10k event.  The Rox Trot is a small event that raises money for the area elementary school.  The friendly low-key atmosphere and great bunch of volunteers make it a really nice race for families to participate in together.

This year there were 3 events – a 10k run, a 5k run, and a 5k walk – that started in 5 minute intervals.  My son and I ran the 10k while my wife and girls worked as course marshals at one of the many road crossings.

Having just finished the Leadville 100 6 days ago, I was curious to see how my legs would respond to the intense effort of a short race like this.

The course is on an asphalt path that dives and climbs as it negotiates the Roxborough Park neighborhood surrounding Arrowhead Golf Course.  It is a tough run as there are a lot of small hills as well as some outright walls that are thrown at you.  Constantly knocking you out of any rythmn, and making recovery from the efforts tough to come by.

As you can see from my pace chart, this course is anything but a steady cruise.  I would hit 11:30 to 5:40, and everything in between.

The 10k only had eight starters, so a pretty small race to say the least.  There were a lot more that chose the 5k option (50-60).  Our race went off first and I was ready to wind up the legs and see how it went.  I took the lead as we topped the first hill and was able to hold it all the way, but not without a good push from Andrew who had me working hard to stay out there.  I run the course fairly often and used all my knowledge of where to rest, where to push, etc. to any advantage I could get.  Thankfully it all worked out.

The best part was running past my family and getting their cheers in the final mile.  I greatly appreciated them giving up their Saturday morning to volunteer while the rest of us got to run and play.

2011 Training Log – Week 33

Recovery week post-Leadville.  Definitely the easiest week I’ve had coming back around after a 100 miler.  That 27 mile hike at the end served as a great cool down.  My legs feel pretty good and I’m ready to get back to some more focused training again.


Run – 5.5 miles

Almost felt guilty on this one.  No way my legs should feel this good.  Definitely didn’t leave it all on the course at Leadville.

Run – 5.5  miles
Another easy cruise.

Bike – ~12 miles

Night ride with some buddies from work.  Had a blast carving up the singletrack in the dark.

Run – 8.7 miles

Pushed this one a little bit.  Hot and hilly.  Still feeling decent.


Run – 7 miles

Ran the annual neighborhood 5k/10k.  Won the 10k.  Legs weren’t firing as fast as I would like, but felt good so no complaints.

Sunday – Off

Total – 27 miles

Pic of the week:

Climbing above the city on our night ride