Daily Archives: August 5, 2011

Random Friday Stuff: Lightning, Rainbows, Animal Parts, and Baby Binkies

Crazy-intense storm last night.  I haven’t ever heard or seen so much intense lightning directly over the top of us.  I was seconds away from ordering everyone into the basement.  I thought for sure we were going to take a hit.  Super loud sizzle and cracking sounds followed by a simultaneous huge flash and BOOM!

I played around with the continuous shot setting on my camera and managed to capture one strike (far away) while picking up my daughter earlier in the afternoon.

Gotta click to see the larger version

Driving to work a couple of weeks ago I saw this beam of light coming through the clouds.  It looked ten times as intense as the photo shows.

Phone pic from inside the car

Caught a rainbow and some cool skies while out walking the dog.

Evening rainbow

Evening panorama

I find animal legs on my runs.

The rabbit from a few weeks ago

Last night, the frog

The occasional critter that is missing legs.

Milk Snake

And baby binkies.

A trail binkie

A sidewalk binkie

What will we find next?