2011 Training Log – Week 31

Go time.  Seems like I have been treading water for a while and now it is time to get through Leadville and move on.  I had a difficult race there last year, and this time around I want to at least make it through without falling apart.  One part of me sees that I am ahead (+200) on YTD miles vs. the year I ran well in 2009.  So that gives me some hope.  When I take a macro view, though – reality starts to set in.  I trained hard in the summer of 2009 and put in 11 runs over 20 miles (including a few over 30) in the last 8 weeks before the race.  This year that tally stands at 3.  One of those being a race, and the other two barely breaking the 20 mile mark.  That’s not so good, for a faster race anyway.

All I can do now is show up and do the best I can with what I’ve got.

Run – 7 miles
Nice steady run. Felt like I spent half of it doubled over laughing as we joked about various topics. Especially the ‘motivational’ self-talk we employ during runs and races when things aren’t going well. Not fit to print.

Run – 8 miles
Got in a nice run while waiting for the kids to finish XC practice. Stepped on a nasty rock 90 seconds into the run. That hurt.

Run – 7 miles
Easy day. Felt terrible for the first 6 miles, then decent on the last uphill mile. Better late than never…

Run – 8.7 miles
Felt like pushing a bit today. Hilly route. First half was a smooth cruise, then fought the fade over the second half. Much harder effort to sustain the same pace.

Saw a girl get creamed by a car at an intersection while waiting to cross. She was riding a bike with her ipod on (attached to the handlebar) and rolled out into traffic when she didn’t have the right of way. Completely her fault – which she recognized. Banged up, but thankfully not too bad. Saw it all, held up traffic as I ran across the intersection to help get her bike untangled and out of the road.

Run – 5.5 miles
Easy run that actually felt easy for a change. Nice. Foot very sore from stepping on a stone Tuesday, but everything else is starting to feel pretty good.

Run – 14 miles
Encouraging.  I last ran this tough route a month ago and was 30 sec/mile faster today at a much lower effort.  My calves were better today than they’ve been for a while, and I enjoyed having a decent run.  Probably the best I’ve had since the backpacking trip.

Sunday – Off

Total – 50.2 miles / 7:31

Pic of the week:


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