2011 Training Log–Week 18

Took it pretty easy this week leading up to the 50 mile race on Saturday.  Had some major mechanical issues during the race, but felt awesome otherwise.  Despite the physical problems, I had a great time on a beatiful course and got to see lots of friends.

Run – 7.1 / 1:06 / 136avg
Mostly easy. Threw in a couple of surges, then 2 x .5mi. 5:40 pace on first, 5:50 pace on second. Harder than I would have liked, but gotta start somewhere. Will be happier once those are mile repeat times…
Run – 6 / 46:12 / 149avg
Very hilly. Coughing less finally. Legs aren’t feeling too snappy, tried to push things a little – but just felt blocked.
Run – 6 / 1:01 / 132avg
Very easy jog at the boneyard. Feeling just a tiny bit better overall today.
Run – 50 / 9:17 / 146avg
Collegiate Peaks 50 miler. Felt something snap in my lower leg at mile 12, should have stopped but didn’t. Will be wearing this name tag at the next ultra reunion:


Total Time – 12:07

Bike – 0
Run– 69.6 / 12:07


Pic of the week:

Looks like it’s back to the bike for a while.

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  1. Ugh! Man, what do you think went “snap”? May not have been smart to keep running, but congrats on crossing the finish line upright!

    • Thanks, Jim. Hard to say at this point, I’m hoping muscle and not tendon. It’s much more swollen than in the pic now so I can’t really poke at it too much. Always something, right??

  2. Dang, that does not look good. Frustrating for sure. Time to heal up while letting your body digest a solid 50 mile run. You’ve had a bunch of good long runs with Moab-Cheyenne-CP. That’s some great progress toward Bighorn prep. Hopefully you can get back to 100% soon.

  3. Damn, hope that’s not as bad as it looks. Nice to see you out there though.

  4. Woody and JT, thanks. It was great to see you both – and see you both run so well! The leg is pretty sore, but I am able to do some walking so will stick with that for a while and see how things look in a week.

  5. leila degrave

    Oh no! How is it feeling now a few days post? Hope it’s something that heals up quickly – sending positive thoughts your way!

    • Leila – thanks for the positive thoughts, much appreciated! It’s pretty bad. The discoloration was completely gone by Monday, but the swelling is massive even today. It’s very sore in the morning, but gets a little better throughout the day (I suspect as it swells and it holds everything in place). I’m doing a little bit of walking on my lunch break, but that’s it. Congrats on your run!

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