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2011 Training Log–Week 17

Tried to maintain the delicate balance this week of recovering from one race while getting ready for another.  Now it’s time to rest up and get ready to run 50 miles on Saturday.  I hope my cold is gone by then, it still has a pretty good hold on me.  The weather is looking great and I’m excited to get out for a nice long run and to see a bunch of my running pals.

Run – 7 / 1:06 / 130avg
Easy recovery jog.

Run – 14.1 / 1:57 / 145avg
Longer and steady. Lots of hills on this one. Held up fairly well, but still coughing like I smoke 2 packs a day. It’s easy to get jaded as a runner, there are so many mind-blowing performances turned in every week. I caught myself kind of smiling on this run. Here I am cruising along for 14 after just doing 34 a couple of days ago. Nothing mind-blowing there on the larger scene for sure, but in my own little world it was fun to think back on how my first 8 mile run nearly killed me. I hope I don’t ever get too jaded, or caught up in comparisons with others, to appreciate the progress I’ve made.

Run – 7 / 1:02 / 138avg
I paced a buddy to his first ever sub-9 average. It was awesome!

Bike – 27.2 / 1:27 / 134avg
Bleh. My last ride was back on the 5th. Can’t let that much time go between rides. Legs were pretty weak today. Although I didn’t run that hard on Saturday, a 6 hour run still leaves a little bit of a mark. I could feel it down deep when I tried to sprint up some climbs. Not happening. I settled for a 21.1mph average over my 20 mile route.

Run – 7.5 / 1:17 / 132avg
VFF jog at the boneyard.  Very tired, just got it done.

Friday (2)
Run – 13.4 / 1:58 / 143avg
Ended up with some free time in Highlands Ranch so hit the East/West trail for some evening miles.  Felt good once I got rolling.

Day off. Must have been pretty tired. Took the family out to the movie and slept through half of it, then fell asleep hard after dinner.

Run – 3 / :30 / 128avg
Easy TM recovery.

Total Time – 9:19

Bike – 27.2 / 1:27
Run– 52 / 7:52



Pic of the week:

Dusk on the East/West Trail.