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2011 Training Log – Week 20

Great week. Saw tons of improvement in my leg each day. Last week I feared my summer running season may be done for, and this week I’m back at it. I’m incredibly grateful to be running again, realizing that things can change at any time.

I’ve got some catching up to do, but feel like things are heading in a positive direction for sure.

Activity Bike Miles 27.3 Time 1:30 Avg HR 148
Took the mountain bike out on the roads for my hour of power workout. Not very creative. Warm up, go hard for one hour, cool down. It’s a good strength builder when done on the mtb. Thought I would be hard pressed to crack 18mph, but ended up with my second fastest ride of this nature for the year. I flipped the watch over to the lap stats display with 10 minutes to go and was surprised to see 19.7 for the average speed. I turned myself inside out for those last few minutes into a headwind to bring the average up to 20.0. The leg was a little sore, but nothing too bad.Split:

20.0mph / 1:00 / 156avg

Activity Run Miles 7 Time 1:08 Avg HR 126
10 day delay of game, then back in action. This is what I gambled on with finishing the CP 50 miler after tearing something in my leg at mile 12. I knew from previous muscle tears that after 10 days I would probably be able to run again. I had to take it very easy and be mindful of my footstrike, but it went ok. I wore my beefy trainers to protect my injury, and they felt huge compared to the light shoes I normally run in. Those shoes made me feel like I was wearing the cone of shame:

Activity Run Miles 10.1 Time 1:27 Avg HR 147
Very gimpy to start, but felt a lot better after a mile or so. Didn’t have to favor the leg too much, but I’m sure it’s going to feel pretty worked after this one. Back in the Minimus today.
Activity Run Miles 7 Time 1:08 Avg HR 128
Carbon copy of Tuesday. Was limping a bit last night, leg was very sore. Rolled out the calf a bunch, felt a lot better today. Back to the beefy shoes, though.
Activity Run Miles 12.2 Time 1:47 Avg HR 148
Good-ish. Tight calf. Started to get really tired after 11, shut down a little early. Got about 1,000′ feet of climbing. Not much, but glad to do some bigger hills for a change.
Activity Run Miles 15 Time 1:54 Avg HR 160
Pulled that one out of somewhere….opened with a downhill 8:15, then loosened up and got rolling to come in with 7:38 pace overall. Nothing special for most guys, but considering where I was a week ago this was most excellent. Felt good to cruise along like that.
Two weeks later:

Activity Run Miles 9.3 Time 1:25 Avg HR 142
Calves super tight again. Took it slow and babied them. Everything else felt fantastic.
Total Time 10:22
Foot Miles 60 Foot Time 8:52
Bike Miles 27.3 Bike Time 1:30

Pic of the week:

My walking buddy. We total around 6-8 miles a week together.