Photo Shoot: 2014 USATF Cross Country National Championships

I got out for some much needed practice with the new camera gear yesterday.  XC Nats up in Boulder proved to be the perfect venue for me.  There were 6 races taking place over half a day on a 2k loop.  This gave me ample opportunity to get things dialed in.  It was like doing 6 weeks of shooting all in one day!

I ended up with 2,300 images.  Here are a few that I’ve edited so far.  Links to a few more are below.

It was a great day.  I got some good experience, got really cold, got to see lots of friends, and witnessed some exciting action up close.  Big thanks to Colorado Runner Magazine for backing my request for a media pass.  The year is off to a great start!

2014 USATF Cross Country National Championships

2014 USATF Cross Country National Championships – Team Pearl Izumi







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  1. Chris – awesome to see you out there yesterday. I have to say, some of your shots have more ugly material than others though.

    By the way, your post the other day with your back then and now shots was a topic we buzzed about for some time post race (as we worked ourselves to getting to a state of looking more like the before option).

    • Thanks, George. It was great to see you! As a photographer I can’t be picky about the subject – gotta work with what I’m given. 😉

      Whole lot of gratitude with the then/now stuff. Can’t imagine missing out on all of the great things I’ve done over the last 10 years had I not made some changes.

  2. great blog, iv really enjoyed your posts. I would love to have you follow my running journey

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