Photography Meetup: Sampling of the Seasons At Roxborough State Park (Winter)

As the Grand Prize winner of the 2014 calendar contest, I was appproached a few months ago to fill a volunteer position in leading a group of photographers around the trails of Roxborough State Park.  I immediately accepted and started making plans for how I could share this beautiful area with my fellow camera-geeks.  The meetup would act as a fund-raiser for the Friends of Roxborough State Park, and all proceeds go to support the educational and interpretive mission of Roxborough State Park.

We settled on three dates for the first half of the year; February 22, April 5, and May 17.  I was plenty nervous about the February date, but we lucked out and had a super morning.

I put a fair amount of time into a concept I thought would be fun to try.  I created a tri-fold brochure with some of my shots on the outside, and a map on the inside.  The map showed small images that I had taken on the trail we would be hiking as a group (Fountain Valley).  I included the exact location for each photo, along with the date/time and camera settings.  This gave us opportunities to discuss certain ones as we went, and also served as a little take-home item for the participants.  They were also treated to a complimentary calendar by the park at the conclusion of our hike.



I’m normally a fairly shy and reserved person, so the task of playing host for 3+ hours with a large group of strangers was a bit daunting.  I had to remind myself that I was there because of the recognition my photographs received.  Own it.  I also reminded myself that the group was there to enjoy the morning, see some cool things, and maybe learn a little bit.  My job was to lead and inform, but also stay out of the way.  That is a delicate balance at times.

Check out this beautiful flower shot from Russ.  I was too busy yapping and didn’t notice it, luckily he was paying attention.  I love how everything in the background is brown and dead, and the flower is springing forth out of the decay.  Plus – it’s February!!!!

Russell Colletta Flower - This photo was taken by Russell Colletta.

Photo Credit: Russell Colletta

What a nice group of folks to spend my Saturday with.  It was great to break out of my shell for a bit and interact with them.


I consider the day a great success, and I hope the participants do as well.  I’m looking forward to doing it again!

Here is a link to get more information or to sign up for the next one:

April 5

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  1. Well-deserved recognition. That’s a cool map, too, is that from GPS tagging or did you manually build that?

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