Words to Live By

See the Backcountry logo over on the right sidebar?  I like their motto.  I fall short of it many times, but when I look back over the last decade I can’t help but be satisfied with the results.

Wake up.  Kick ass.  Repeat.

It’s that simple.

10 years ago today I was the guy in the top half of the pic.  Now I am the bottom one.  I don’t know why I started on Valentine’s Day, but I am incredibly grateful that I flipped a U-turn on the highway of life and made some changes.

It has been quite a ride, and I still have to fight every single day, but oh so worth it.

You know what they say.  If I can do it…  Anyone can.

Now get out there and kick smass.


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  1. Nice! I have my fat photo too from back in the day. Runner friend’s came to the house and spotted it.

    • Cool. I would like to see that sometime! Can you imagine if we hadn’t started running, etc.? Big difference.

      Funny thing about the fat photo, I had a hard time finding one. Guess I didn’t like being in front of the camera too often back then…

  2. We do Love that Chubby Face though

  3. Ten years. Is it OK to break out the fat jokes now?

  4. Good looking guy in both pictures, we think so.. But you are amazing at what you set your mind to do.. Love Mom

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