2012 Training Log – Week 21

I wanted 70 this week and I got it, with two days off thrown in.  I wrapped up May with 275 miles, most of which felt somewhat blah.  I’m hoping to feel a little better and get some more spring in my step this month.

10 miles / 7.2 miles

Early morning run that went poorly.

Spent the day at The Denver Botanic Gardens with the family.





Photo album here.

Evening climb of Mt. Bierstadt.

8.1 miles

Easy 8. Still not feeling very good. Calves are constantly wrecked. Had to stop at mile 2 and wait about 5 min for them to settle down. Better after that. Tired from late hike last night, didn’t get to bed until almost midnight.

11.5 miles

Loop from home up through Roxborough Park.

10.3 miles

Jogged over to the Boneyard, then put it in steady cruise mode for 8 miles, then jogged back.



7.5 miles / 15.1 miles

Hiked Bierstadt again, then went for an evening run after getting home.



Total:  70.3 miles / 17:10 run & hike

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