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2012 Training Log – Week 23

As my uncle once told me, “Life is what happens when you had other plans.”

I’m glad to have this week behind me.  The running was not so great and then my daughter got very ill and ended up in the hospital for a few days.  Thankfully, she is doing better now and got to come home yesterday.  I withdrew from the Black Hills 100 miler I was going to run this weekend, I need to stay a little closer to home after all that has gone on lately.

9.5 miles

Tough-ish run. Still dealing with Saturday’s calf carnage. Had to stop 3-4x and let them settle down.

Also did a fast walk in the evening.

Went up to the state park last night and saw another bear.  Two for two in the last week.

7.7 miles

Same route as yesterday. Rough for the first 4 miles, then the calves finally started to relent. Finished up feeling almost optimistic about things.

Did an evening walk with the camera on the east side of Chatfield.  A different kind of ‘training’.

6.5 miles

Easy run at the Boneyard. Felt like crap.

Went for another hike in the state park.  No bears this time.

5.2 miles

Boneyard again.  Rolling a little stronger today.  Had to cut this one short to meet my wife and daughter at the ER.

0 miles


0 miles


0 miles

It was a Happy Father’s Day, we got to bring our daughter home from the hospital.

My teenage son posted this – guess I am doing a few things right:

Happy Father’s Day to the best dad in the entire world, Chris Boyack! Thanks for all the hard work that you have done and continue to do in order to make our family a happy one. We have done so many (choose one) incredible/fun/hard/maybe a little stupid/memorable things that I will never forget. I know I don’t say it nearly as much as I need to, but Dad, I’m really glad that you are my Dad.

Total: 29 miles / 4:37