2012 Training Log – Week 13

Sort of a transition week.  I’m racing again in two weeks (50K), so I’m trying a reverse taper approach for this one.  I took a few days off after the Buffalo Run 100, but still ended up with 36 miles last week.  50 this week, and I’ll shoot for 70 next week with a 20-25 long run.  Then train right into the race.  We’ll see how that goes…

7 miles

Easy jog.



7 miles

Another easy one. Still have some recovering to do after the 100, but coming along.

10.3 miles

Did some hill repeats. Wasn’t really planning on it, but decided to do one and see how it went. Wow! I was running very comfortably and nearly set my best time ever on this half mile climb. I did a second one at about the same effort level, then cranked on the third and took 10 seconds off my PR (4:08). Will shoot for getting under 4:00 soon.

Legs felt strong and I can tell the weight I’ve lost (5-7 pounds) is making a huge difference.

7 miles

Crazy wind. Legs were trashed after the hill repeats yesterday. I just jogged easy on this one.

17.2 miles

Really nice run up Carpenter Peak. Took the SLR in my pack, but didn’t get many good pics (other than the deer below). Pushed hard on the climb to the peak, but the rest of the run was easy.  Super nice day on the trails.

2 miles

Easy with dog.

Total: 50.6 miles / 8:21

Pic of the week:

Talking deer.

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