2012 Training Log – Week 6

Where did that come from?  After last Saturday’s 50K race, I figured this would be a down/recovery week.  I didn’t have any set plans, but let each day unfold on its own.  Turned out to be a pretty good week of training.  Probably my best in terms of how I felt since last September.

Sights are set on the Buffalo Run 100 at the end of next month.  I’ll start shooting for multiple (2-3) 20 milers in a week, while keeping the weekly mileage around 80’ish.

7 miles
Mizuno Ronin

Very good run. Quite possibly the best I’ve ever had for the first one back after racing an ultra. The outside edges of my calves are SMOKED. All the stabilization required running through the rock-hard ruts and hoof prints during Saturday’s race really worked them over. Everything else feels fine.

10 miles
Saucony Kinvara

Felt good again. Was planning on 7, but stretched it to 10. Hilly route, 8:44 pace with 136 heart rate. Legs are still a little tired from the race, but feel remarkably good considering.

5 miles
Saucony Kinvara

Short on time, pushed the pace a little.

10.2 miles
Saucony Peregrine

Wow tough run. Chose a very snowy route, it was slow going. I felt super tired and bonky, and don’t really remember much of the second half. It was total auto-pilot. A really bad feeling.

11.2 miles
Saucony Kinvara

Had energy right from the first step. Went from one of the worst runs of the year yesterday, to one of the best today. The key? Sugar. I had been cutting my calories to try and drop a few pounds and it caught up with me yesterday. After that run I doubled my food intake, including some very healthy meals – but also had 2 snickers bars, a ding dong, 1/2 kit kat, a small bowl of ice cream, and a handful of kisses. I felt awesome today doing 10 miles of strong tempo with a mile cool-down. Zoom zoom.

21.3 miles
Saucony Kinvara

Did two convoluted 10 mile laps around the neighborhood. Felt strong througout. This is one of the best paced long runs I’ve had in a long time. Very even from start to finish. 146 heart rate.

5.1 miles
Nike Free

Wanted to do around 5, but nothing too extreme. I chose the ‘ketchup’ level on my Powerline simulator for the treadmill.

Total: 70.2 miles / 10:15 / 732 TSS

Pic of the week:

So as we’re sitting down to dinner early in the week, my youngest daughter looks at the window and spots a frying pan.  20′ up in our tree…

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  1. Scott Williams

    Hey Chris, you got any races planned for May? I’ve got a 2 month window of no races between the end of April and the end of June. Hoping to fill it with something like a 50k or trail marathon. I’m not seeing much that’s close. Any ideas?

    • Hey Scott,
      May is a big blank for me right now, too. I’m eyeballing Collegiate Peaks 50 mile which is last weekend of April – so damn near May anyway…

      Have you looked at Golden Gate Dirty Thirty? Fairly tough 50k first Saturday in June. I’d do that in a heartbeat, but am trying to go back to Bighorn again this year and it is only 2 weeks later – so might be a bit too close for that.

      There is also the Wyoming Marathon and Double Marathon on Memorial Day weekend up in Cheyenne, not too far away.

  2. Scott Williams

    Thanks! That Golden Gate race could be just the thing. I’m doing Cheyenne Mtn again which is 4/28 and then I’m doing the Leadville Marathon which is 6/30 so something on 6/2 would be perfect.

    Also, I’ve always been curious. During the week, do you normally run in the evenings after work or in the mornings? I pretty much go by the seasons and do afternoons in the winter and mornings in the summer. Running in 35 to 40 degree temps is just right for me.

    • I also think Team CRUD (down in the Springs) is planning on doing a Ring the Peak run on 6/2. 60+ miles, though. I don’t have much info on that one. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Golden Gate, I belive this is their 3rd year.

      I’m running at lunch or in the evenings now. Once the kids are out of school I can shift to doing some morning runs, but for now I’m in the office pretty early (6:30-6:45) so running before that is difficult. Most of all, I just take it when I can get it. Like for example I have to work this Saturday, so I will plan on running home from work Friday night then back in Saturday morning (20+ miles each way). Other times if we go out to eat or shop, I’ll do that then run home from wherever we are.

      Going by the seasons is great, too. A sunrise run in the summer time is an awesome way to start the day.

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