2011 Training Log – Week 51

71 to go to hit 3,000…

Tricky week.  Had a tough time every day squeezing a run in.  Nothing long, had to make due with a couple of doubles and other bits and pieces.  My plan was to stack some miles up this week to make it easy to break 3,000 next week.  That didn’t happen, but the goal is still within reach.  Hopefully things will calm down a bit and I can get some good runs in.  It looks like the weather is going to cooperate.

Run – 7 miles
76 TSS
Saucony Kinvara

Very cold and slick with pellet-like snow. Pressed for time so went for a quick-ish 7. Here’s a peek into how my mind works while running sometimes:

A car starts to pull out of a church parking lot as I’m coming down the sidewalk.
They see me coming, and actually reverse and pull back to give me room.
Cool! Thanks!
As I was running along a busy road about 30 seconds later, I heard the car coming behind me.
I knew it was the same car because of the engine sound (nothing extraordinary, just a Subaru Forester).
I hadn’t tried to ‘memorize’ the sound, I just knew it.
I thought it was cool I picked out the engine sound like that.
Then it struck me.
Is it engine, or is it motor?
Maybe it has to do with where the power comes from (external source vs. generated).
I never hear anyone say electric engine, it’s always electric motor.
Then I thought how train engines have a diesel generator that provides power to an electric motor.
Maybe combustion = engine.
But wait a minute.
Boats have motors.
They are combustion.
Detroit is motor city.
That boat ride I took on Lake Michigan sure was cool.

Run – 5.3 miles
62 TSS
Nike Free

Treadmill. Powerline simulator.

Run – 10.2 miles
102 TSS
New Balance Minimus

Just a cruiser 10. 143 avg HR.

Run – 8.2 miles
85 TSS
Saucony Peregrine


Run – 5.3 miles
73 TSS
Nike Free

Treadmill. Powerline simulator.


No run.  Left for work @ 06:00 and got home at midnight.

Run – 6.1 miles
50 TSS
Saucony Peregrine

Slow slog in the snow.

Run – 10 miles
93 TSS
Nike Free

Hopped on the treadmill for 10. Worked a harder than I normally would have since I was pressed for time.

Run – 8 miles
81 TSS
Nike Free

Another treadmill run. This one was faster than normal as well.

Total: 60.2 miles / 9:33 / 632 TSS

Pic of the week.  Gift from LJ – The Agile Fox, crochet version:

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  1. You coming down for the Rescue Run?

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