2011 Training Log – Week 50

Hmmm.  137 miles left to hit 3,000 for the year.

Good week.  Getting into a good groove.  Not really training for anything at the moment, but I have been very consistent for the past few weeks.  Definitely one of the better Decembers I have had.  Time to start figuring out what’s next on the schedule.

Run – 8.2 miles
66 TSS
Merrell Trail Glove

Slogged through sugary/crusty snow for 5, then felt pretty zippy for the last 3 on the roads.

Run – 5.3 miles
61 TSS
Nike Free

Hopped on the treadmill for another go at my Powerline simulator. Still making some tweaks.

Run – 1 mile
16 TSS
Nike Free

Dumbbell workout on the treadmill, 15% incline.

Run – 7.1 miles
81 TSS
Saucony Kinvara

Easy cruise.

Run – 11.6 miles
106 TSS
Merrell Trail Gloves

Hill Reap Eats. Visualized nailing these, but reality said otherwise.

Hill was exactly .5 mile. I ran hard up and then turned right around and headed down for another. The legs were not up to speed, but I kept at it anyway. Pushing super hard on the first and second. After about dying when I topped out for the second time, I backed off just a little for the rest.

4:23 / 165avg
4:38 / 167avg
4:43 / 163avg
4:51 / 163avg
4:44 / 163avg
4:45 / 163avg

Traction was poor on glazed-over snow. It’ll be good to hit this again in another 2 weeks or so and see some improvement.

Run – 7 miles
79 TSS
Saucony Kinvara

Another easy cruise.

Run – 21.5 miles
225 TSS
New Balance MT101

Satisfied with this run commute home from work. Didn’t feel great, but not bad. Strong and steady. This run let me know the training I am doing is working, but I am not feeling so beat up that I can’t enjoy a nice long run like this.



Run – 5.3 miles
50 TSS
Nike Free

Treadmill. Another run on the Powerline simulator. Still making some final tweaks, but it’s close.

Total: 67.1 miles / 11:01 / 688 TSS

Pic of the week:

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  1. Interesting, you really rotate shoes. Is that just a function of of the surface you’re running?

    The coyotes around here never let me get that close, and I’m perfectly OK with that 🙂 Handsome animal.

    • Probably a combination of surface and distance as the deciding factor on the shoes. Also how my feet are feeling on a given day (if they feel like a rest, or ready for more work). I gravitate mostly to the Kinvaras for easy pavement runs, then MTGs if rocky, MT10 if not. Would have done my long run in the Kinvara, but opted for a little more traction from the MT101. The route I took was still pretty icy for about half of it.

      The coyote encounter was odd. They always seem to keep their distance, but not this one. I even shouted at it, but it couldn’t have cared less. I wasn’t sure if it was sick, tame, or just indifferent. I settled on the latter as I eased past.

  2. Let’s get together this week a bang out some miles to get you to that magic (?) 3K. 20 miles on the Highline Canal early Wednesday morning?

    • Jim, I like your thinking! I was kind of thinking of not bothering with the 3K, but being this close I better get ‘er done. I got your email from the comment form, I’ll send you a message and we can make plans.

  3. Perfecto. Now you know why I don’t track annual mileage….

  4. Love the coyote pic, but I have been “trained” now to be aggressive in the hazing of them (given the child bites we have had in Broomstock)..

    Love – even more – the paper on the treadmill. I have a similar one for the Pikes ascent.

    • I should have thrown a snowball. All other attempts at intimidation did not spook it in the least.

      Ya, that paper ended up with a bunch of marks and mods after that run. I think that is my 6th run through on that. I keep tweaking and adjusting. Like a recipe or something.

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