Daily Archives: October 26, 2011

I tried to run today…

but my legs weren’t up to the task of carrying the load that was my heavy heart.  I went a little over two miles before coming to a stop as damp eyes blurred my vision of the trail ahead, and then walked slowly through the newly fallen snow while reflecting on last night’s news of little Emma’s passing.

She made it just over eight years.  Roughly 3,004 more days than than the odds said she could.  Even when you can see it coming from a distance, it is still difficult to accept that her time with us on earth has come to an end.

Her physical challenges were greater than anyone should have to bear, but her beautiful spirit is what we will remember most.  Even though the challenges ultimately proved insurmountable, she was always courageous, selfless, incredibly loving, and kind.

We will smile through our tears as we think of you.  Thank you for blessing our lives and for allowing us to bless yours.  Godspeed, Emma.