2011 Training Log–Week 6

Strong week.  First time topping 60 miles since the first week of August last year.  Can’t believe it has been that long.  Finding it tough to get fit-lose weight-recover from injury-transision to minimal shoes all at once, but I think I’m making steady progress in each area.

Run – 10.2 / 1:29 (8:46) / 148avg
Tough run. Worst footing conditions of the year, several inches of new snow on top of several inches of old snow. Worked hard. Temp was 23 with a little sun, so it was nice to finally wear shorts again. First yard sale of the year, too. Ate it hard on a slippery sidewalk section, not 10 steps after congratulating myself on a nice save from a slip just before. Luckily I popped right back up with no damage done.
Bike – 19 / :55 / 155avg
Trainer in the basement. Warmed up for 10 min, then shifted into the big ring and pushed the hardest gear I could for 40 minutes while still being able to keep a decent cadence (85+). Worked out really well, worked hard. Great way to build some power and squeegee out all the tightness from running.
Run – 11.2 / 1:39 (8:55) / 139avg
Ran this at a comfortable trot. Crazy conditions again. Everything from bare pavement to knee deep snow. 9 degrees – shorts and 2 shirts with light gloves.
Run – 10.3 / 1:39 (9:42) / 136avg
Wow, this was a tough run. Snow conditions on today’s route were super challenging. Lots of calf-deep powder on top of old snow. Tough to grind out a 12-13 min pace for some parts. Kicked my butt pretty good.
Bike – 8 / :30 / 112avg
Easy spin on the trainer to loosen up before rolling the calves for 30 minutes and doing a little stretching.
Run – 6 / 1:00 / 128
Easy recovery run on the treadmill.
Run – 20 / 2:59 (8:57) / 146avg
Need this one after my last two long run disasters. Out before dawn on a Saturday again to get it done. Endured a lot of discomfort in the heels, but everything else was really good. Tough footing yet again with the snow and ice, but at least the temp was a balmy 32. 

Lap times:
5.9 / 56:01 (9:29) / 139avg
5.9 / 52:37 (8:54) / 144avg
5.9 / 51:28 (8:43) / 148avg

Then added 2 miles on the end. Hustled to get under 3 hours:
2.3 / 18:52 (7:20) / 157avg

Run – 4 / :40 / 129avg
Easy spin on the treadmill followed by some stretching. Heels still a little tender, but everything else still feels good.
Total Time – 10:53 

Bike – 27 / 1:25

Run – 61.7 / 9:28

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