2011 Training Log–Week 7

Setback time.  Again.  Was feeling pretty good early in the week, then tore my calf muscle on a simple little jog at the park.  Running is out of the question for now, just taking it a day at a time and trying to get on the bike as much as I can.

Run – 5 / :50 / 115avg
Easy early morning treadmill.
Run – 5.1 / 1:01 / 122avg
Easy VFF jog in the snow.
Bike – 27.4 / 1:28 / 151avg
Excellent. Could tell first thing this morning that I was on a good day. Took the MTB out on the roads, which is not that exciting, but a helluva good workout. Have been trying to crack 20 miles in under an hour, got it this time with a 58:48 for a 20.4mph average (previous best on this course was 19.7 with 163 heart rate). Had to contend with some wind, but dosed my effort well to minimize the losses when it was working against me and really open it up when it was helping.Stats for loop:
20 / 58:48 (20.4) / 158avg
Run – 6 / 1:00 / 118avg
Easy early morning treadmill.
Run – .75 / 10:00
Beautiful day out, so decided to run a few laps around a soccer field in the VFFs. Happily trotted along until I was blindsided by the worst calf cramp I’ve ever had. Hit me mid-stride and I couldn’t even put my left foot down. I hopped around until I found something to lean against. The muscle was like a tape measure snapping back. Ended the run and limped back after trying to stretch and rub it out for a while.
Nada. That wasn’t a cramp yesterday, I tore some calf muscle. Somewhere between a grade I and grade II strain. Very sharp pain the rest of the day yesterday, had a hard time walking. Feeling slightly better today, but it’s going to take several days to get past this one.
Bike – 21.9 / 1:21 / 132avg
Feeling pretty low today. Didn’t want to ride and was going to skip it. I’d have more time to feel sorry for myself that way… Ended up going and had a great time. Thankfully the leg didn’t bother me on the bike and I was able to ride without thinking about it for the most part. Joined in with a group of guys I hadn’t seen in a while. I think I might have cracked a rib from laughing so hard, we had a good time. Just what I needed.
Bike – 27.1 / 1:49 / 149avg
Rode Deer Creek and High Grade Road. Big ring the whole way on the mountain bike. Very windy at times, but had a pretty good day. Tried to dial in my heart rate around 165 and just concentrated on turning circles. Went much better than I thought it would. It’s a lot of fun to ride a climb like this on a mountain bike. If you pass a roadie, your the man – and if one of them passes you, then you have a built-in excuse. Best of both worlds! Not that it means squat, but I passed about a dozen and didn’t get passed myself so that ended up being a lot of fun. Slightly off my 53 minute best on the road bike… but I’ll take it considering the circumstances. I was stoked to average over 10mph. I’m glad I’ve been putting in time on the bike over the last few months so I can transition to it in times like this, when I’m injured and can’t run, without feeling like I’m starting from scratch.The climb:
11.6 / 1:08:13 (10.2) / 167avg / 75cad / 2,838′ (4.7%)


Run – 1 / 16:30
Time to test the calf with a little walking and jogging. Alternated walking @ 3mph and jogging @ 4.5. Was very knotted up and tight. I would take it right to the edge of feeling that sharp pain and then back off to a walk. Was happy to get through this. Couldn’t have gone any farther or faster, though.
Totals Time – 7:54Bike – 76.3 / 4:39
Run – 17.9 / 3:15

Pic of the week:


While playing Mr.Mom this week, I let my daughter do her own hair.  She was very happy with her ponytail/pigtail creation.

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