2011 Training Log–Week 5

Planned easy week.  Can’t complain too much, got a little variety in which was nice.  Ready to ramp it up again next week.  No bike, I need to get back on that even though it will be the trainer for the foreseeable future due to all of the new snow.

Hopefully got some good adaptation out of taknig it easier this week.  The TSB and ATL are lined up pretty well now meaning that my rest break timing was optimal.  I’ll drive the TSB back down over the next few weeks and watch the CTL climb a bit more.  Long way to go.

Made some progress on the diet side of things.  Eating habits were much improved, and I’m starting to see some downward movement on the scale for a change.

Rest day. Spent 30 minutes on the TriggerPoint rollers.
Run – 2.5 / :38
Hiked on the treadmill @ 3mph with 15% incline while doing curls, presses, and rows with 15lb dumbbells while barefoot. This workout doesn’t do a thing for the weekly mileage total, but I like it because it stresses the body without any real impact. I then finished with 1.5 miles barefoot at 0% incline and 5 mph. There is no speed or fitness component to that, it is purely a technique drill sort of like riding rollers on a bike. I’ve found that going at a slow jog allows me to fine tune my stride and footstrike and really listen to the feedback my feet are giving me. 

Spent about 45 minutes on the TriggerPoint rollers.

Run – 2 / :32
Repeated the same workout from yesterday. Barefoot on the treadmill 1 mile @3mph with 15% incline. Did continuous curls and presses with 15lb dumbbells. Felt better than yesterday. Then jogged a mile. 

30 minutes rolling calves.

Run – 10 / 1:26 (8:39) / 151avg
Was feeling pretty good this morning, eager to get after it. In the past, that would mean jogging for about 10 seconds as a warm-up and then cranking for 90 minutes right at my threshold. Today I tried to be a little bit smarter and slowly jogged for a 1.5 mi warmup, then did 3 x 1.6mi ‘gentle’ efforts with 5 min rest. I struggled a bit with these, I think I rolled all of the spring out of my legs. They were dead. I plugged away and just kept it moderate, knowing that today was just one step in a long journey. Was 17 degrees and snowing hard, which was much better than -17 the day before. 

1.6 / 12:03 (7:29) / 163avg

1.6 / 12:12 (7:34) / 165avg

1.6 / 12:11 (7:33) / 166avg

Run – 6.1 / 1:09 (11:16) / 134avg
Mellow VFF jog in 5 inches of new snow. Lots of hills.
Run – 2.3 / 23:47 (10:20) / 133avg
Disappointing. Headed out at 5:30pm in several more inches of new snow. The snow was a great consistency for running, just wet enough to pack down well underfoot. Legs felt springy and I was looking forward to around 2 hours. The heel said otherwise, though. It was tweaked, feeling like it needed to pop but couldn’t. The more I ran on it, the worse it got. Reluctantly bagged the run and walked home.
Run – 5.3 / :44 (8:24) / 153avg
TM. Heel was a bit better today, rolled out the calves quite a bit last night. After a thorough warmup, did several efforts from 1/4 mi to 1.5 miles in the 9-10mph range. I was running at 10mph when the fuse tripped on the surge protector that the treadmill was plugged into. Luckily the belt slowed a bit instead of coming to an abrupt stop, was still a little dicey. Everything felt good and I was planning on going longer, but need to re-route the treadmill power source before I work the motor that hard again.
Total time – 4:53

Bike – 0
Run – 28.2 / 4:53


Pic of the week:

VFF track.

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