Maiden Voyage

After spending a few hours cutting down the steerer tube on the fork, installing the computer, adjusting the seatpost/saddle, etc., I finally got out for the maiden voyage of the new bike tonight. I ended up being able to get out on the road at 3:30 for what I planned on being a 30 minute shakedown ride around the neighborhood. Just to check out the gears, position, wheels, etc. WOW, all I could think of was ‘ridiculous!’. As in ridiculously light, fast, smooth, did I mention FAST?!?! Well, after about an hour and a half of riding I found myself pretty far from the ‘hood. I was having a blast, but was nearly frozen to death. It was around 35 degrees and blowing/raining/snowing/sleeting. Quite the break-in ride…

Good thing I had some cash on me, I stopped at a convenience store and bought fig newtons, Gatorade, and a Clif bar. Yummy. I was able to sit at a table inside and wolf that stuff down. I started shivering something fierce, though. Dang, I’m soooo ready for WARM WEATHER!!!! Especially after the time trial experience last night. Been a long cold winter of riding and training.

Anyway, it was pushing 7:00 by the time I made it home in a blizzard with big flakes blowing sideways and about a 1/2 inch of snow piled up on my outstretched arms. Good times!

The bike was ahhhhhsum!

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