RACE REPORT #6 Cherry Creek TT series – week 3 CAT 4

Eewwww. What’s that smell?!? Oh, sorry, that’s just me. I STINK!!

Man, I’m starting to get the impression that I really suck at this time trial stuff. This was supposed to be my day to shine. I’m finally over the cold I had for 2 weeks, this is my rest week so my legs should be fresh, and I have my TT bike all put together (I rebuilt my old Bianchi frame with new bars, shifters, etc.). Well, the weather was atrocious and I ended up posting my worst time yet (28:01). Dang.

I rode what I thought was a fairly conservative pace to the turnaround, thinking I would crank it up a notch on the way back. HA. I couldn’t go any faster. I actually had to drop into my little chainring on flat ground because of the headwind.

Hats off to Tim. He actually matched his time from the previous weeks while most of the rest of us lost significant amounts. He was using his brand new shoe covers, though…

When I got back to my car I sat inside and screamed in agony for a good 10 minutes while the feeling returned to the frozen chunks of meat that used to be my hands. Boy, what fun!

Oh, well. 3 down, 4 to go…

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