Daily Archives: April 5, 2005

Jessica turns two!

Liz brought the Cookie Monster cake pan out of storage and showed it to Jessica. Her response was – ‘WOW!’. After Liz had the cake in the oven for a while, Jessica asked where Cookie Monster went. Liz led her over to the oven, and flipped on the light so she could see the cake baking inside. Another ‘WOW!’, followed by – “Careful Cookie Monster, it’s hot!”. Too funny.

Jessica had so much fun blowing out the candles that we re-lit them several more times for her.

As you can see, the cake turned out AMAZING. I really should quit my job and send Liz to work in a bakery. That girl can do some really cool things. I waaaay over-indulged in the cake and ice cream. 2 servings of each, along with several M&M chocolate chip cookies. I could literally feel my head starting to spin while I was still sitting at the table! Man, I haven’t had a dose of sugar like that in a long time. I was up until 12:30, my body was just buzzing.