2013: Favorite Photos – Things

So far I’ve posted about people, and places. Now it’s time for ‘things’.

I’m using a pretty broad definition of things here, as many of the shots could fall into other categories. Flowers are one thing that could probably have their own category, but I’ll just include them here.

Mmm. Wild burro tounge. This thing is one of our best memories of the year. Our van got swarmed by a pack of wild burros during our trip to South Dakota. They loved licking the road salt off of the windows. Much laughing and shrieking by the van’s occupants ensued.


I happened to have my camera in the car when I noticed a nice sunrise coming on after dropping my kids off at school. I scrambled to find a foreground subject and spotted some crosses that had been set up for Easter.


My one and only (so far) product shot. My favorite trail shoe of 2013, the Pearl Izumi E-Motion Trail N1. Well, it’s probably a tie with the N2. Super pleased with how I was able to visualize this in my mind and then pull it off.


Our sweet little Katie. We adopted her when she was three years old, and she definitely came with some baggage. Not knowing what the first 3 years of her life was like really made things challenging for a while. She is all settled in now and showing her true colors.


No one likes these shots but me, but whatever. I found an elk skull near Leadville and put it on a branch coming off a log, then threw my hoodie and glasses on it.


I went up to Roxborough State Park looking for some wildlife, but not a creature was stirring. I ended up sitting in this patch of wildflowers in front of a maintenance shed (it looked like they had just sprinkled some seed around). I experimented shooting them with my flash after the sun went down, and was very happy with the results.


Some wildflowers with 14,003′ Huron Peak in the background.


I’ll finish up with some Columbine. Probably one of the most photographed flowers of all. I like to look for unique angles and lighting to set the shot apart from all the rest. Took this with the zoom from across a small creek on the back side if Mt. Timpanogos in Utah.


A more traditional Columbine shot. I have never seen a larger concentration of the flowers than I did at this spot near the base of Mt. Sherman above Leadville. There were huge patches of them everywhere!


The classic state flower shot of Colorado. Blue for the sky, White for the snow, and Yellow for the gold. I like this shot because it is somewhat rare to get just a single flower on a plant like this (they grow in more of a bushy style with several flowers per plant).


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  1. The shoe is pretty awesome.

    • I actually sent PI a sample to see if they’d want to use the pic. Got no response. Then they rolled with the dead dog on the trail, which had a clever intent, but went over like a turd in punchbowl.

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