Daily Archives: December 29, 2013

2013: Favorite Photos – People

I’ve enjoyed looking through my 2013 photos and thought I would post some from a few different categories.  My shooting has dropped off dramatically in the last half of this year, so I had been thinking there would be slim pickings when it came time to go looking for something to post.  I was pleasantly surprised to have a bigger supply than I had imagined.

One thing became very obvious when looking through an entire year’s worth of shots.  Wildlife photography is my strong suit, and what I spend most of my time doing with the camera.  I enjoy different kinds of shooting, but definitely feel most comfortable wandering the woods and hillsides looking for wildlife.

I’m kicking the series off with ‘People’.  That’s kind of misleading, because it’s mostly just my kids.  While I have a pretty good supply of people shots from portrait shoots and other gatherings, I’m not always comfortable with posting pics of others.  Animals are easy because I don’t have to worry about permission issues…









My back-flipping niece.


Kids at the amusement park. This ride was going around at about 10,000 mph, so I was happy to get a shot with all of them in the same frame.


A self portrait in Red Rocks park.


My favorite timer pic of 2013. Malcolm and I on 14,155′ Tabeguache Peak during our four day 14er binge in the summer.


Sadly, I only shot one race all year – and only part of that one.


Malcolm got me a pair of remote flash triggers for Christmas, so we took a hike up Green Mountain the other night and tried them out. They open up the door to a lot of creative possibility, because I no longer need to have the flash attached to the camera.