Daily Archives: November 17, 2013

2013 Training Log – Week 46

Flying high last week, straight into a nose dive.  This week was tough, mostly due to work.  I was tired coming into it, and then got pushed over the edge.

I sort of have a training philosophy that you should really crank when the opportunity is there, because something will inevitably derail the plans at some point.  I flipped this around and made this more of a true rest week instead of unnecessarily fighting to pull off a mediocre one.  Now I’m ready to get back at it.

Monday – 55 bike

Had the day off and took off for a big ride after getting some chores done.  It was slightly cold and very windy, so by the time I got back 3.5 hours later I was pretty worked.

Tuesday – 5.1 run

Got called for work yesterday afternoon and ended up going until 2:00 AM.  Then up at 5:00.  Super tired for this one.  Ended up turning back early.

Wednesday – 0

Went through the motions of starting to get ready for a run.  Wasted time checking my phone, then just sat there for like 20 minutes.  Totally tired and no desire to run at all.  It was a beautiful warm day, but I didn’t have it in me.

Thursday – 9.4 run

A little better today.  Struggled at times through this one, but got it done and was better for it.  Ended up working until midnight.

I stopped for a little break in the sunshine.

Forget running, I need a siesta. #tired

Friday – 7.7 run

Slightly uncomfortable tempo.

Saturday – 0

Had a window I could have used to run in the afternoon.  I took a 3.5 hour nap instead!  And I hate taking naps.

Sunday – 0

Figured I might as well skip today, too.  Make the most out of the rest week rather than watering it down by trying to get some sort of run in.

Total – 22 run, 55 bike, 6:52