2013 Training Log – Week 43

The week started off well, then fell apart.  Stress levels were at an 11 for most of the week, but I kept up with training despite that.  Until Friday when my body just had enough.  I decided to take the weekend off from training as I have been working fairly hard for the past month, especially with the added load of mixing the bike in.

Should have a few things cleared off my plate after this week is over so I can get back to a better schedule, and I finally started working on my Leadville 100 report.

Monday – 13.3 run

Great run. Unexpectedly good. Started off with an 8:30 then very gradually chipped the average down to 7:55. Wouldn’t say it was easy, but felt very controlled. The lack of tension in my legs was big time noticeable. The big ride on Saturday loosened them up nicely. My stride felt really smooth, I wasn’t bracing for impact – just spinning along and creating forward motion. Breathing was good, too.

Tuesday – 24.3 bike

Steady effort.

Wednesday – 7.5 run

Good cruiser. Starting to notice these types of runs are ending up in the 7-range more and more.

Thursday – 21.3 bike

Got my first Strava KOM on the bike.

Friday – 5 run

Body said ‘nope’.  Turned back early.

Saturday – 0

Kids went to a neighborhood Halloween party.  Lumpy the Heffalump, Winnie the Pooh, Piglet, and little Eeyore.


Sunday – 0

Rest day.

Total – 26 run, 46 bike, 6:37

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