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2013 Training Log – Week 42

Moderate week with a couple of up-tempo running efforts.  Then I survived my first bike race/event in 4.5 years on Saturday.  Awesome.

Monday – 10 run

I love the opening mile of the road going into Arches National Park.  I’ve always wanted to run it, but it’s not very practical with the traffic.  Fixed that little problem today by getting up at dark:thirty and running from our hotel to the park, then continuing up the road.  Running that in the dark by the light of a headlamp and having the place to myself was so cool.  Definitely a memorable run.

arches earth

Tuesday – 7 run

Much better than expected coming straight off big Moab trip. Still long way to go, though. Some parts were dialed and smooth, others were choppy and floundering.

Wednesday – 4 run

That sucked.

Thursday – 17 bike

Mostly used ride to test following a course I loaded into my Garmin.  Knowing how to do this will be key for the race on Saturday.

Friday – 8 run

Pushed things a bit for a 2.5 mile section in the middle.  First time I have run multiple miles in the 6 range in a long time.  Slowly working back into it.

Saturday – 46 bike

Greenland Gravel Grinder.  Thanks to spotting a heads-up from JT, I was able to try a grinder for the first time, something I have been wanting to do for at least 5 years.  Decent runner turnout, good to see Shad and Donnie as well.

I’ll write a report later, but the short version is I loved it and can’t wait to do it again.

Credit: RidingGravel.com

Sunday – 0

Birthday.  Halfway to 88.

Total – 29 run, 63 bike, 8:14