2012 Training Log – Week 48

Final week of gluttony.  Good thing, too.  My belt is getting tight.

The rib feels 100% now.  Hurts if I push on it, but I don’t think of it otherwise and don’t feel any more breathing restriction.  Nice.

As I’ve been waiting for the cracked rib to heal, and eating everything in sight, I’ve still managed to do a little running.  The past two months have been all about training to handle the training.  I’m feeling ready to get back to work now.

10.6 miles

Good steady run.  Was feeling like getting after it part way trough the run, and I diverted from my route and attacked this hill.  Got shut down by the slick mud and slid backwards for 20+ feet shaking my head the whole way as a lady walking her dog strolled past.  It was a good balancing act!


7.8 miles

Ran with Stu at a good clip on the Highline Canal.

Wishing I had a nickel for every time I had to contend with this situation out on the paths.  I would save them up and buy a pair of scissors so I could cut all of the retractable leashes in half!  #grumpyoldman #thispathisyourpath #thispathismypath #thispathwasmadeforyouandme

dogs_leashesNot really.  I love dogs.  Their owners exasperate me at times, though.

5.2 miles

Disaster.  Calves were so angry.  Had to stop many times, and ended up doing the walk of shame for the final mile.

6.5 miles

Turkey Rock Trot 5K in Castle Rock.


Headed out later in the day to take some pictures of the sunset.  They didn’t pan out, so I switched to B&W.


I am getting decent at certain aspects of photography, but am weak sauce when it comes to working with a flash.  Decided to practice on myself a bit.  Shot this in tight with a 35mm prime and bounced the flash at 1/2 power off the ceiling.  Then I lightened the eyes in post-processing.  I thought it turned out cool.  My girls think otherwise.


0 miles

Spent all day working in the yard.  Filled 12 contractor bags with sticks and cut up branches.  I. Hate. Poplars.

Had an enjoyable late afternoon up in the state park.



10.2 miles

Another horrible run.  Bad calves and a very tight back from all of the yard work made things pretty miserable.  Went up Waterton Canyon and was treated to a cool show with some Bighorns cracking each other’s skulls.  I only had a little camera and the pics turned out dark and blurry.  Just too far away and not enough light.

I reproduced the scene here for your enjoyment:

ramsHiked back up the canyon with my wife late that afternoon and located the herd high up on a ridge.  We scrambled way up above them and spent about an hour in the warm evening light (the only time the sun had shown itself all day) watching them feed and take turns knocking their heads together.  I had the right gear this time and got several good shots.

0 miles

No run.  Drove Malcolm back up to Leadville and got some amazing moon and sunset shots on the way back.  Will post those later.

Total: 44 miles / 7:42

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