Race Report: 2012 Turkey Rock Trot 5K


Turkey Day meant doing our 6th Turkey Rock Trot 5K together as a family.  This has turned into a great tradition for us, and it has been great to see the event grow over the years and generate some money for a good cause (Douglas/Elbert County food banks).



We took the wheelchair for Jessica as she sometimes has difficulty with longer distances, but she hopped out of it after the first kilometer and walked the remaining 4K herself.  She was rightly proud of that!

The rest of the clan stayed together with the walking group, while Malcolm and I lined up to do the run.

We stayed together for the first mile, then I lost him in the crowd.  I pulled over and jogged in place and spotted him waving me forward, so I took off and ran the rest of the distance as a hard tempo.  It felt good to push things a little.

I grabbed the camera in time to see Malcolm racing down the home stretch with another guy, just edging him out at the line.


Then I circled back and ran a mile to meet the rest of the family and walk it in with them.  It was a great way to start of our Thanksgiving Day!

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