2012 Training Log – Week 25

I feel like I have been treading water for a couple of month’s now.  Running has just been flat.  My weekly miles are nowhere near what I’d like (a lot of ‘life’ getting in the way), but I have been trying to throw in harder efforts on a more consistent basis.  We’ll see if that will shake things up a little.

7.3 miles

South Valley Park.  4pm.  105 degrees.  Tied the record for the hottest temp ever recorded in Denver.  Big south wind made it like running in a blast furnace.

9.7 miles

Repeats – .5 .5 1mile .5 .5

7.2 miles

Easy cruise after work to pick up a vehicle from getting some maintenance.  I’m slow, but I was at least moving faster than the traffic.

Headed up to Roxborough State Park again after dinner.  Saw bear #3 of the year.

12.2 miles

Repeats.  2 mile, 1 mile, 2 mile.

6.2 miles

Easy jog.

0 miles

Travel day.

Pine Ridge fire near Grand Junciton.

Utah is on fire, too.

8.4 miles

Late night, then up at dawn to get a run in.  First two miles rough, had to stop and let the calves settle down again. Things started clicking after that and I did a medium-effort tempo of 3 miles @ 6:49 pace. Then one mile cool down.

Total: 51.1 miles / 7:38

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