The Agile Fox Friday Foto – 04.27.2012

After a year and a half of including a ‘pic of the week’ at the end of my weekly training summary, I’ve decided to move it to a separate post.  This will free me up to post more pictures along with my training entries (it never made much sense to post pictures from some of my runs, and then include a picture of the week on top of that).  I’m also implementing a rule that the Friday Foto needs to have been taken sometime in the last week.  No recycling.  I’m hoping this will keep me engaged in building my photography skills and help me to work harder for good shots.

I took Malcolm up on the hogsback Monday night to shoot some portrait photos to include in his graduation announcement.  While we were changing locations, I had the idea to have him jump off a rock and I would try and capture him in flight.  We tried a few different angles and two different spots (over 100 pictures in all) before I caught this keeper.  And what a keeper it is!

I was laying on my back between some rocks, ready for a rattlesnake to slither down the back of my shirt at any second.  I would start firing and then give him the signal to jump.  I caught him right at the apex of his jump, which is very cool, but what I like best are his relaxed arms and hands.  The pointed feet are great, along with his facial expression.  The casual way he is looking at the camera rather than the landing totally sells the levitation look.


Graduation Levitation
1/2000 @f/4, 18mm, 100 ISO

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  1. Nice shot and great for the intended use. I agree, the relaxed expression totally makes it. He’s just floating.

    It also occurred to me that he’s going to land on rocks in a pair of Trail Gloves.

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