2012 Training Log – Week 12

Spent the week visiting family and relaxing during our spring break vacation.  I’m not used to having a week off after a 100 miler, it was nice!  Usually it’s right back to work on Monday morning.  I took it easy for the first half of the week, then went on a few runs to see how things felt.  All good!  Now I just need to figure out what’s next.

2 miles
Saucony Kinvara

Brisk walk with Natalie.  She has to do some sort of activity every day of vacation to fulfill a PE requirement.



Lots of walking around the mall, and also went to a photography class.

3 miles

Easy jog.

10.4 miles

Pushed a little farther. Felt good.

21.2 miles

Today was not about training, it was for clearing the head and getting out on a great spring day. Also enjoying the fitness I have built up. Felt pretty darn good considering the 100 just a few days ago. Easy but steady from start to finish.

Saturday – Sunday


Total: 36.6 miles / 5:38

Pic of the week:

Flag over Lone Peak

In addition to trying to build some photography skills, I am working on the post/editing side of things as well.  Sometimes I tread really lightly, this is a case where a lot more took place.  I pulled off the freeway at a car dealership and snapped the picture on Tuesday evening knowing that the flag in the wind with the snow-capped mountains was the prize and I could deal with the rest later.


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